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Stour View Close, Bath Road, Sturminster Newton, DT10 1JF
Телефон: 01258 471359

W e l c o m e

"Избор на торта"

The Victoria Sponge.jpg

Виктория Спондж

Домашна гъба Виктория  пандишпанови торти. Различни вкусове, ванилия. шоколад, кафе, малина и др.


1,50 паунда

Caramel Fudge Rocky Road.jpg

1,50 паунда

Хрупкави шоколадови барове

Домашни шоколадови хрупкави торти


Coffee & Walnut cake.jpg

Шоколадови браунита

Домашни шоколадови сладкиши, поръсени с

стотици и хиляди.


1,50 паунда

Stawberry & White Chocolate cake.jpg

Бискоф с карамелен дъжд

Домашна бисквитена торта, поръсена с



1,50 паунда

20% 0 изкл

Stuffed Chocolate Brownies.jpg

Stuffed Chocolate Brownies

Homemade chocolate brownie bars with chocolate & white chocolate icing



20% 0 изкл

White Chocolate and raspberry layer cake (2).jpg

White Chocolate & Raspberry Layer Cake

Delicious homemade cake lovingly created with layers of sumptuous cream layers of white chocolate, raspberries & decorated with dark & light pink coloured  hearts.

"You simply have to try this one!"


Coffee cafe.jpg

Coffee Layer Cake

Beautifully made homemade coffee cake created with layers of sumptuous cream and decorated with coffee flavoured icing, gold & silver balls, and white & dark chocolate buttons.

"Absolutely Divine!"


Decadent chocolate & strawberry layer cake.jpg

Decadent Chocolate & Strawberry Layer Cake

Beautifully made homemade chocolate & strawberry cake decorated with vanilla flavoured icing.

"A masterpiece!!"


Please note, our cake selection changes from week to week, so the cakes shown above may not be available, but other equally scrumptious cakes will be on offer!!

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Работно време

Вторник, сряда и четвъртък

От 9 до 13:30 ч

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